With a scientific focus on flavour development, you’ll learn about the chemical reactions that take place during maturation, boost your flavour recognition skills and gain an ability to vocalise your own descriptive analysis of a variety of drams. 

Gain confidence in understanding and negotiating your own sense of smell and, as teacher Dr Gordon Steele declares, “You’ll never look at whisky in the same way again!”

Upcoming Courses

  • £495.00

    £495.00Diploma in the Art of Tasting Whisky (21 September 2022)

    In-person, Arniston House, Scotland
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  • £495.00

    £495.00Diploma in the Art of Tasting Whisky (12 October 2022)

    In-person, Arniston House, Scotland
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Study in-person

& earn the diploma in a traditional classroom environment.

  • Group Study

    Learn as a group (of no more than 20) and ask any questions of the teacher as you go through the taught material.

  • Food & Drink

    The course is non-residential. Breakfast, a two-course lunch and snacks are provided (all dietary requirements considered).

  • Assessment

    Four modules are assessed. (Two modules are delivered online upon purchase for self-study. These are not assessed).

Course Structure

& Learning Outcomes

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Diploma in the Art of Tasting Whisky

    • Meet the teacher: Dr Gordon Steele

    • About the venue

    • Transport arrangements

    • Dietary requirements?

    • Need a place to stay?

    • Policies & Procedures

  2. 2
    • Learning outcomes

    • Download a PDF copy of the learning outcomes

  3. 3
    • Overview of the Scotch whisky production process

  4. 4
    • Multi-Sensory Experience

  5. 5
    • Origin & growth

    • Cask seasoning

    • Cask types & their sizes

    • Cask raising

    • Toasting & Charring

    • Solera system

  6. 6
    • We're here to help